About Us

We are AUTO SKIF registred in 20.05.1998 in the town of Quito – Ecuador.

Initially, the company specialized in the supply and sales of electronic parts for Russian cars in Ecuador. With increasing volumes of sales and expantion of the market to other countries in Latin America, in 2002 the company opened a branch in Russia.

Now a days, due to the good contacts with manufacturers and coordinated work of our operations in Russia, we supply the full range of automotive parts in Latin America and around the world from Ecuador and directly from Russia.

We offer mostly car parts for Russian brands of cars LADA, NIVA. We also have the possibility of offering a good price on various products for other well known brands.

Our company works with bulk and mini bulk orders.

 The main characteristics of our work are:

  • We specialize in quick delivery to the customer.  Shipment of goods is performed by aircraft. Usually after the order confirmation, you will get the product within a month, with a completion percentage of 98-100%.
  •  We do not complete volumes of order with not required positions. This way, our clients receive desired positions and obtain a rapid turnover of their merchandise.
  • We control the quality of the goods purchased. In the price lists, with each piece the client has the option of choosing among different recommended manufacturers and a suitable price.
  • We have a flexible system of discounts depending on the volume of orders.
  • Regular customers have an option to pay for their order up to 60 days later.


If a high volume order has been made there is an option of sending the product via container, but the delivery time needs to be discussed in an appendix to the main contract.

Call us

Mobile: +593 999832211
Landline: +593 (02) 6002053 ext 101/102
Landline: +593 (02) 6007021 ext 101/102